US Elections for Sky News

Sky News devoted a lot of coverage of the US Presidential Election to the UK in 2012.

The US Presidential Elections interactive coverage was a number of interactive modules for Sky News which included a State By State Analysis, Presidential Term Wheel, On The Campaign Trail Timeline, On The Night Live Results and 50 States 50 Voices.

These application influenced and where influenced by the TV coverage.

State By State Analysis 


Presidential Term Wheel

State by State is for in-depth analysis of the weeks leading up to the election, giving facts and figures on the demographics, politics and economy displayed as infographics.  
The Campaign trail displayed the latest goings on in the Election, swipe along the timeline and view how the Campaigns have unfolded and were they have been with images and videos.
The president history wheel displays all house, senate and presidential results since the forming of the two main parties. The simple but engaging interaction method was key to it's success.  The user simply swipes around the wheel of easy switch between them all.


On The Campaign Trail Timeline


On The Night Live Results

Designed to be the main feature of the Sky News coverage on the Election, gives full indepth results live for the electoral votes, senate, house and governor elections.  A twitter interface allowed users to filter comments by political, social or gender prefrence.


50 States 50 Voices

The 50 States - 50 Voices infographic utilises the gyroscopic tilting sensors in the iPad to allow users to filter states by leaning left for Democrat, right for Republican or swung backwards to reveal just the swing states. Each State was sized by the number of votes rather than geographical size and launched a video interview with state inhabitants. This app led to a tv show and has been short-listed for an RTS Innovative News award.