'Feel' weather mobile App Concept

Everybody has their own fit of weather apps mine is Dark Sky and I open it every morning.  It gives me an excellent outlook for the day, the temperature right now whether it's raining or going to rain and will it be cloudy etc.  But what does that feel like if colours interpreted temperature and the atmosphere throughout the day?

So I have tried to visualise how an app that gives a sense for what the day might feel like throughout the day.  Giving it a gradient based on weather data similar to a day having its own fingerprint at your location.

A tap on the display with show different gradients. These gradients could show differences in Day Light, Temperature and Cloud Cover.  The data can be sourced from the Dark Sky API.  The example below illustrates Day Light.

Scroll down to see forecast up for recent weather history. 

Rainfall (precipitation) is visualised from the right of the screen,  the greater the intrusion of the rain graph the heavier it is.