London 2012 Olympics Online Interactives

A look at the London Olympic Interactive Graphics [See video] 


The London 2012 Olympics Timeline is a companion module and a stand alone module meaning you can easily switch between the medal wheel and the timeline, and not have to. The London 2012 Olympic Timeline is a timeline showing the amount of medals won by Great Britain every year since the first modern games, the graph shows the number of gold, silver and bronze medals for every year.

The only interactive element of the module is the ability to touch the bars to display the host city in a mini map at the bottom of the display, results showing the amount of each medal also changes next to the map give the user more detailed information.

The table shows up to date information for the 2012 Olympics is the bar for this column is automatically updated with the rest of the updated graphics.

Medal Table

The most popular and widely used module will display the information that most people will keep checking again and again. The medal table compares all the countries in the Olympics in order of the most gold medals won, the module displays the gold, silver and bronze for each team in order of gold first then silver then bronze. Clicking on a team expands the country to display each medal won, listing there event and name.

This module was deployed on the skynews website, SN for iPad and iPhone. The iPhone version needed to be transformed into a slim-form ratio, overall not much work.

Gold Post Boxes Stamps and profiles

The slides have stamps has part of a card that gave information about the new sporting star. The idea was to be like top trumps, the main image was of the stamp with a smaller profile image under the stamp along with how many medals they had won and a summary about their life.

Olympics Infographics

Client: Sky News

I made a scrolling infographic to better understand the information gathered.

The infographics had to be displayed on the iPhone, iPad and on the website.