THe Conway Console for sky news



The Conway Console is an adaptive module that is available on iPad, Online and Mobile on SkyNews. It is designed to show the user up to date economic information for different areas of the UK and be able to compare your selected area with another selected area. The area can range from very small towns to countries like wales so there is a wide range of selectiveness. The information included in the app includes average house prices and annual pay. All these stats can be viewed by a heat-map of the UK if you wanted a wider visualisation comparison.


  • A map based digital console which allows users to access a range of comparable and up-dateable economic data from across the 3 NUTS regions.

  • Design must be clear, easy to navigate and distinctive.

  • Design must be responsive (for use on iPad, website and phone).


1 Month


The app had great longevity and was reused to deliver context to business stories.